Day 31 Facebook Free

Today instead of going on Facebook I……………………

So here it is, the last day of my challenge. To be honest it has flown by, I guess because this time of the year seems exceptionally busy. Team sport steps up, sickness happens, it is competition time at swimming, school tests and the winter weather has become plain annoying and wearing.

Then, just like every year, Fathers Day creeps up to surprise us!

Therefore, today instead of going on Facebook I have been making Fathers Day preparations. We have a nice lunch booked and the presents are sorted. Tomorrow we will forget about all the other things we have on our ‘to do lists’ and focus on Dad because …………… well, how good are Dads?

From volunteering on the soccer pitch to always being the fun in the house (in contrast to Mum’s seriousness), the tickle monster, the prankster to being the best poached egg maker (that is a thing right? Mum’s just aren’t as good at poached eggs).  Dads work hard and play hard. Tomorrow kids, we must appreciate them and boost them up.

Of course in reality this might happen for all of half an hour. The kids will get bored of the focus not being on them, then they will misbehave. Dad will go out to do a few ‘small jobs’ just to get a little peace and boom it is a normal Sunday!! (Well that is how Mothers day went!). But at least we have a nice meal booked and Mum gets out of cooking too – bonus!

Anyway, it does remind me of why I started this challenge in the first place. In reality we should be appreciating those around us everyday. Trying to be present and grateful as much as we possibly can.

For me that has meant taking a step back from the world of social media. This has made me notice things I hadn’t about those around me. It has made me more aware of my environment. It has made me actually get out and catch up with my friends face to face. Most of all, it has made me think more about how I want to occupy my time.

Do I want to spend my time on a screen watching what everyone is doing or do I want to get out there are do it myself? The answer is obvious……

Get out there and enjoy every moment. Share it with loved ones and friends. Have no regrets. Facebook can wait……… and wait and wait and wait.


Day 20-26 Facebook free

This week instead of going on Facebook I……

Although I have been a bit slack with my blogs this week, I am pleased to say it is not because I have been distracted by Facebook. In fact quite the contrary. The further away Facebook gets, the easier this challenge gets and at this point (day 26) I don’t even miss it. I am quite seriously considering not putting the App back on my phone at all and keeping Facebook as a strictly laptop check now and again. We’ll see….

Anyway, instead I have been spending quite a lot of time in here…

This is one of my favourite places to chill out and relax. Not only is it warm and therapeutic, but it gives me a chance to get outside and enjoy a bit of Mother Nature. From watching the branches sway in the breeze, possums going about their evening business to the night sky full of stars, there is always something to capture my attention and it isn’t a screen!

Some evenings I sit alone soaking it all in as I contemplate my place in the world. Others, one of the kids joins me for the low down on their day. It is interesting how much more they talk to me out there in the spa, again most likely because they are away from the distraction of screens.

As I approach the final few days of my challenge I am concentrating on gaining some clarity away from the clutter of daily life. Facebook is just another ‘thing’ in the modern world that contributes to our busy, over stimulated lives.

My life feels cluttered. Too many stimulants, too many expectations and too many commitments. The last 26 days has helped me clear some of it out, the next few will hopefully help me hone in on the things that are most important.


Day 19 Facebook free

Today instead of going on Facebook I…..

Spent way too much time in my head. I didn’t sleep well last night and today I have felt on edge all day. There is something in the back of my mind bothering me, but I don’t know what exactly it is.

I just keep thinking about ‘it’ and asking myself why I feel like this. The more I think, the worse I feel. A vicious spiral of confusion and tension.

Do I go on Facebook for a distraction? (I think not) Do I go to bed and sleep it off? Do I meditate? Do I read?

I wish I had time to exercise…….It is 8:52pm. Maybe a few sit ups and bed is the answer.

Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully that means either: I wake up tomorrow and my frustration is gone, or I wake up knowing exactly what is bothering me so that I can address it!!


Days 14-18 Facebook free

Today instead of going on Facebook I……

Well, I forget all the things I have done along the way this past few days, but it has been in parts; busy, fun, hard work and relaxing.

Something I did do….. was over indulge with a friend. A few too many beverages were had on Friday night. It was lots of fun and we enjoyed catching up, but I remembered the next day I am not as young as I once was. Recovery seems to take a tad longer than it used to (like the whole day)! It was all worth it though for a good old fashioned laugh. We both agree next time we will show I little more restraint though!

I have also spent a bit of time in the garden. It has been hard work clearing out debris from past storms, with a big build up of sticks and leaves. There is something so satisfying about it though. Most people wouldn’t even notice we have done it but I know the little plants in there (that were being smothered to death) will be grateful! It was nice that three of us were doing it together too, even our son was getting in there and impressed with how much better it looked afterwards.

Now it is cooking time….. We have friends and family coming for dinner which will top off a great weekend just nicely.

Instead of watching what my friends get up to on Facebook, I have been spending my time with them.


Day 12 & 13 Facebook free

Today instead of going on Facebook I…….

Went to yoga and I must admit, I am getting better and better at the whole ‘mindful’ practice thing. I used to rush in there and spend a lot of the time thinking about what I was doing and where I was going next or thinking about what had happened earlier that day. This of course defeated the whole purpose of being there.

But, the more I go, the more I am able to really listen to the instructor and tune into my body. I am noticing little things about myself I never knew, not the least of which, is that I really can tune out from my worries and stresses when I focus.

My daughter and I have also been doing some short meditations before she goes to bed. These really help her to calm her mind (the poor thing has inherited my mind that is active analysing at a time when we should be winding down) as well as remind me to take a few minutes to myself.

These meditations are only 5-6 minutes long but we then have a lovely few minutes comparing notes on how we felt before she drifts off. The App is called Smiling Mind and has endless meditations aimed at all different ages groups. We prefer the 7-9 years old!

‘Put a smile on your mind’


Day 10 & 11 Facebook free

Today instead of going on Facebook I…….

Sat in the sunshine. In fact right at this moment, I have the strangest mid winter sensation. I feel hot!

We have this amazing veranda that goes around our whole house. This morning I am sat on the veranda with a cup of tea in hand enjoying my little sun trap. There is a light breeze blowing and all I can hear is birds (and the odd car but I am trying not to hear them). There is also the slightest floral fragrance in the air and….. it is warm!

I am not actually ‘doing’ anything and I had managed to be this way for a good 15 minutes before I started writing this blog. That is quite an achievement for me because I really struggle with doing nothing. I still get bored like a kid! I wonder if that is because I have run around the last 10 years always doing doing doing. Ticking things off my list. I have had no practice at just being content to do nothing.

Perhaps this is a big part of my attraction to Facebook. I was bored and it made me feel like I was doing something. I am just starting to realise my time would be much better spent being bored and learning to be ok with that.

I almost forgot….. yesterday was all about this…


Day 7 Facebook free (or was it?)

Today instead of going on Facebook I………………….

Well.. amongst other things…..I went on Facebook.

I admit it. I had a sudden attack of FOMO (fear of missing out). It has been a whole week and I am pretty proud of how it has been going, but this evening I felt kind of bored, then I started to wonder what has been happening online and what ‘important’ things I may have missed.

I got on the laptop, punched the web address and instantly there was an assault of notifications, photos, videos, words and more words. I had thought about this moment over the last few days, I thought I would feel excited and want to read everything the minute I saw it, but that is not what happened at all.

I scrolled and I found myself disinterested. Perhaps it was because I wasn’t meant to be on there and I was trying to be quick. Perhaps it was because I am realising this stuff isn’t completely real. Rather, the posts are a skewed view of things that are happening, a view that too many times I have taken as reality.

One post that caught my attention was a video of my daughter’s class assembly. It was kind of cute to see, but I realised I didn’t need to see it because I was there on that day. I had witnessed the kids excitement and their nerves. The smiles after it was over and the looks of pride both from themselves and their families.

Actually sneaking a peak on Facebook today has been a good thing. I haven’t let myself down, only made myself realise what I am doing is working. I am starting to put Facebook in perspective again.



Day 5 & 6 Facebook free

Today instead of going on Facebook I …….

Sat out in the garden for 10 minutes. I noticed the leaves swaying in the breeze, the spiders web with the leaf dangling just above the ground, the buds on the Geraldton wax, and the cloud shaped like a teenage mutant ninja turtle (yes my imagination can be a little odd sometimes)! All with the company of the cat. She sat on the end of the bench with me as we both enjoyed a tiny slice of sunshine and peace. It was lovely.



Yesterday instead of going on Facebook (like I used to) first thing in the morning….……….. I slept in. I mean properly slept in and on a school/work day!! It was 7:38am when I rolled over and glanced at the clock. This set off a series of the fastest movement I have managed in years. Me sleeping in had meant so did the whole family, which in turn meant stress!

Interestingly, there was one family member awake but he didn’t think it was a good idea to check why no one was up. Instead, he got out his laptop, started watching YouTube and hoped for a day off school!

Screens ………. what are they doing to our minds?