Day 20-26 Facebook free

This week instead of going on Facebook I……

Although I have been a bit slack with my blogs this week, I am pleased to say it is not because I have been distracted by Facebook. In fact quite the contrary. The further away Facebook gets, the easier this challenge gets and at this point (day 26) I don’t even miss it. I am quite seriously considering not putting the App back on my phone at all and keeping Facebook as a strictly laptop check now and again. We’ll see….

Anyway, instead I have been spending quite a lot of time in here…

This is one of my favourite places to chill out and relax. Not only is it warm and therapeutic, but it gives me a chance to get outside and enjoy a bit of Mother Nature. From watching the branches sway in the breeze, possums going about their evening business to the night sky full of stars, there is always something to capture my attention and it isn’t a screen!

Some evenings I sit alone soaking it all in as I contemplate my place in the world. Others, one of the kids joins me for the low down on their day. It is interesting how much more they talk to me out there in the spa, again most likely because they are away from the distraction of screens.

As I approach the final few days of my challenge I am concentrating on gaining some clarity away from the clutter of daily life. Facebook is just another ‘thing’ in the modern world that contributes to our busy, over stimulated lives.

My life feels cluttered. Too many stimulants, too many expectations and too many commitments. The last 26 days has helped me clear some of it out, the next few will hopefully help me hone in on the things that are most important.


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