Days 14-18 Facebook free

Today instead of going on Facebook I……

Well, I forget all the things I have done along the way this past few days, but it has been in parts; busy, fun, hard work and relaxing.

Something I did do….. was over indulge with a friend. A few too many beverages were had on Friday night. It was lots of fun and we enjoyed catching up, but I remembered the next day I am not as young as I once was. Recovery seems to take a tad longer than it used to (like the whole day)! It was all worth it though for a good old fashioned laugh. We both agree next time we will show I little more restraint though!

I have also spent a bit of time in the garden. It has been hard work clearing out debris from past storms, with a big build up of sticks and leaves. There is something so satisfying about it though. Most people wouldn’t even notice we have done it but I know the little plants in there (that were being smothered to death) will be grateful! It was nice that three of us were doing it together too, even our son was getting in there and impressed with how much better it looked afterwards.

Now it is cooking time….. We have friends and family coming for dinner which will top off a great weekend just nicely.

Instead of watching what my friends get up to on Facebook, I have been spending my time with them.


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