Day 7 Facebook free (or was it?)

Today instead of going on Facebook I………………….

Well.. amongst other things…..I went on Facebook.

I admit it. I had a sudden attack of FOMO (fear of missing out). It has been a whole week and I am pretty proud of how it has been going, but this evening I felt kind of bored, then I started to wonder what has been happening online and what ‘important’ things I may have missed.

I got on the laptop, punched the web address and instantly there was an assault of notifications, photos, videos, words and more words. I had thought about this moment over the last few days, I thought I would feel excited and want to read everything the minute I saw it, but that is not what happened at all.

I scrolled and I found myself disinterested. Perhaps it was because I wasn’t meant to be on there and I was trying to be quick. Perhaps it was because I am realising this stuff isn’t completely real. Rather, the posts are a skewed view of things that are happening, a view that too many times I have taken as reality.

One post that caught my attention was a video of my daughter’s class assembly. It was kind of cute to see, but I realised I didn’t need to see it because I was there on that day. I had witnessed the kids excitement and their nerves. The smiles after it was over and the looks of pride both from themselves and their families.

Actually sneaking a peak on Facebook today has been a good thing. I haven’t let myself down, only made myself realise what I am doing is working. I am starting to put Facebook in perspective again.



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