Day 31 Facebook Free

Today instead of going on Facebook I……………………

So here it is, the last day of my challenge. To be honest it has flown by, I guess because this time of the year seems exceptionally busy. Team sport steps up, sickness happens, it is competition time at swimming, school tests and the winter weather has become plain annoying and wearing.

Then, just like every year, Fathers Day creeps up to surprise us!

Therefore, today instead of going on Facebook I have been making Fathers Day preparations. We have a nice lunch booked and the presents are sorted. Tomorrow we will forget about all the other things we have on our ‘to do lists’ and focus on Dad because …………… well, how good are Dads?

From volunteering on the soccer pitch to always being the fun in the house (in contrast to Mum’s seriousness), the tickle monster, the prankster to being the best poached egg maker (that is a thing right? Mum’s just aren’t as good at poached eggs).  Dads work hard and play hard. Tomorrow kids, we must appreciate them and boost them up.

Of course in reality this might happen for all of half an hour. The kids will get bored of the focus not being on them, then they will misbehave. Dad will go out to do a few ‘small jobs’ just to get a little peace and boom it is a normal Sunday!! (Well that is how Mothers day went!). But at least we have a nice meal booked and Mum gets out of cooking too – bonus!

Anyway, it does remind me of why I started this challenge in the first place. In reality we should be appreciating those around us everyday. Trying to be present and grateful as much as we possibly can.

For me that has meant taking a step back from the world of social media. This has made me notice things I hadn’t about those around me. It has made me more aware of my environment. It has made me actually get out and catch up with my friends face to face. Most of all, it has made me think more about how I want to occupy my time.

Do I want to spend my time on a screen watching what everyone is doing or do I want to get out there are do it myself? The answer is obvious……

Get out there and enjoy every moment. Share it with loved ones and friends. Have no regrets. Facebook can wait……… and wait and wait and wait.


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