Day 12 & 13 Facebook free

Today instead of going on Facebook I…….

Went to yoga and I must admit, I am getting better and better at the whole ‘mindful’ practice thing. I used to rush in there and spend a lot of the time thinking about what I was doing and where I was going next or thinking about what had happened earlier that day. This of course defeated the whole purpose of being there.

But, the more I go, the more I am able to really listen to the instructor and tune into my body. I am noticing little things about myself I never knew, not the least of which, is that I really can tune out from my worries and stresses when I focus.

My daughter and I have also been doing some short meditations before she goes to bed. These really help her to calm her mind (the poor thing has inherited my mind that is active analysing at a time when we should be winding down) as well as remind me to take a few minutes to myself.

These meditations are only 5-6 minutes long but we then have a lovely few minutes comparing notes on how we felt before she drifts off. The App is called Smiling Mind and has endless meditations aimed at all different ages groups. We prefer the 7-9 years old!

‘Put a smile on your mind’


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