Stress alert – LA

I am trying to hold it together.

This is not work. Nothing bad is happening. There are no time pressures. We are on holiday. Never the less, this is stressful and I can feel the symptoms creeping in. Tight chest, grumpiness, short temper, heart racing.


How is it possible that one of the most exciting times (Disneyland!) planned specifically for the kids, an amazing surprise, can turn out to be the one thing on this whole holiday that really tests the family??!!!

Well……… a 46 degree day might have a little to do with it!! What the hell? I have never experienced this heat, much less walked around an amusement park in it!!

Sometimes kids these days can just be downright ungrateful and moany. Or…… it that they too are experiencing the exact same symptoms as me and displaying it in that fashion because they know no other way of expressing it? (Probably very likely today, however sometimes they are like it for no good reason!)

Either way, today was and is tough but each time we reach the front of a line, it is pure, outright fun and for those 5 minutes, the joy on everyone’s face makes it all worthwhile.

Check it out, all sorts of Mother’s here with their kids. I wonder if these ones moan too?!


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