See you later…. Canada

The Ojibway people do not even have a word for goodbye. I really like that. Instead they say ‘See you later’ or ‘See you next time’.

So, see you next time Canada. It has been an absolute pleasure. Dad always told me it was one of his favourite places to travel and it is now one of mine! With friendly, inclusive people and breathtaking scenery how could it not be?

As we embark on the final leg of our trip, I am blown away by the things we have seen and done. By how lucky we are to be able to have done it and how grateful I am to my husband’s suggestion of hosting an exchange student. It has broadened our outlook in so many ways. Giving a little something to others can really lead to receiving so much.

I am also grateful I was able to carry one of my passions with me to Canada. On my travels over the years I have swam in pools, oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and most recently freshwater lakes that were frozen only 6 weeks ago! We also visited a local 50m pool in Sudbury and I traded swimming caps with a lovely girl who was training to swim a 20km swim in Lake Erie. She told me she just loves to swim, I can identify!

So as we arrive at the airport to head to Los Angeles I am feeling happy and relaxed. No stress (apart from a brief period when trying to get my daughter moving this morning!).

And guess what…….. today the universe was on my side. We saw the elusive bear! Just 4 hours before flying out, on the side of the road and it was a cub!! So cute.


P.S. Ok a tad stressful getting through Toronto airport. Apparently my finger prints don’t work!

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