Cup of tea anyone?

Anyone who has been reading my blog would know how much I look up to my cat, both in terms of her ability to relax and her utter disinterest in what anyone else thinks of her. Well now I have seen it all, she has outdone herself, she has learnt from us – sort of……

I come from a big tea drinking family. If we are tired we drink tea. Worried, drink tea. Stressed, drink tea. Sick, drink tea. The warm brown brew might not fix everything but it at least makes things seem more bearable.

This is what I came across a few days ago..

Yes she was drinking a ‘cup of tea’!!!! Or so it appeared. In reality, we had a rather dangerous leaking kettle and water had seeped down through this wooden bench and filled some bowls and cups sitting on the bottom shelf. But, it was from this fine bone china miniature tea cup that she chose to drink.

Either she has class or she is mimicking our behaviour! (Or……….. she was thirsty and saw a new opportunity!)

In seriousness, I do think we are always modelling behaviours and no matter whether you realise it or not, they do rub off on those around us. Whether it is adults modelling to children, humans modelling to animals or animals modelling to humans.

Where else would the cat have got this behaviour from?? Perched on a barstool at the breakfast bar!

Definitely a child waiting for their dinner…… she has that ‘hangry’ look in her eye!


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