Sometimes I wonder whether it is a good thing, or a bad thing when Facebook reminds you what you were up to this time last year, or even several years earlier. Sometimes you cringe, other times you immediately smile, others you just wish you were back there reliving it.

Facebook has reminded me this week that one year ago we were off on what turned out to be the most amazing and memorable family trip ever. I know we will definitely be hard pressed to top it.

This week was New York City, what an amazing and eye opening experience! From the people we met and saw, to the buildings and grand sculptures we visited. A truly unforgettable place. As I look back now, I realise I had NYC on the highest of pedestals, I had built it up in my mind over the years and the expectations were huge, yet it did not disappoint.

Over the next few weeks I am looking forward to the little reminders of the adventures we had. Reminders of the family time we shared and the things we learnt together. Reminders of how lucky we are to have have had our eyes opened to different cultures and ways of life.

Today, instead of wishing I was back there, my husband and Canadian daughter took a look at what we have on offer right here, on our doorstep. Isn’t it stunning?

No filters, just an iPhone! This is winter in paradise.

Living in the present, looking back fondly and dreaming of the next adventure!


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