Camping trip shenanigans – Augusta

Just wanted to keep you all updated on the progress of the camping trip. It is night number three and the first evening that I can actually feel my toes at 6:30pm. Things are looking up on the weather front.

Sometimes I am a horrible wife and I do wonder why my husband puts up with me. Camping just seems to exacerbate those moments and there were a few of them today!

This morning, after being woken at 1:30am with 4 phone calls to alert us the alarm was going off at our work place (always when we are away!), I suggested it might be a good idea to head home (we are 1 hour away), check the status at work and collect our boat. Of course, I never had any intention of going myself (shhhh). Hubby thought it was actually a pretty good idea given the forecast for the next few days. There were a few negotiations then off he and his mate went.

Meanwhile, the kids and my friend decided to go for a walk. This is what we saw….

I am sure the journey home was just as picturesque…….

Little did I know, he would have his chance to get me back. A few hours later we set out in the boat. Two families, a biscuit and a knee board. After the brave kids had a go in the biscuit, it was suggested (by hubby) I might like to get in. Anyone who knows me, will know I have trouble saying no to any water related activity……. even in April, in the southern ocean.

I wish I could say it was a graceful and elegant entry from the boat to the biscuit, but that would be lying. It was anything butt (LOL). I struggled my way into my 20 year old wetsuit, attempted from several directions to get into the biscuit and settled on more or less falling in, then trying to extricate my legs from under me.

Moments later though, I was whizzing along with the wind in my hair and the salt spray on my face. It was exhilarating and wild and free. That is…….. until I was most ungracefully flying through the air, arms and legs in all directions and crashing like a whale into the southern ocean. Twice.

I will give him the benefit of the doubt. I am sure it wasn’t intentional, either time, but it did make for an entertaining afternoon. I told the children it was actually a safety demonstration and that I hope they all took note the calm way in which I rolled onto my back and waited for the boat to turn back and collect me.

It really was so much fun!

Later when we returned to the caravan park and proceeded with the boat, to negotiate bends, small spaces, trees, jockey wheels, slight inclines (not obvious to the eye), it may possibly have tested our relationship and the neighbouring campers may have suggested a bottle opener might soon be required.

But, it is all ok again now, as we sit with our hot chocolate and gingernuts contemplating tomorrow’s adventure.


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