The family camping trip – Augusta

The great Aussie camping trip….. always an adventure, always a story or two to tell! At the start we claim we will never do it again, by the end, the deposit is paid for next year.

Ours begins with Dad saying ‘I don’t want to go this year’, the kids agree (only because there won’t be an Xbox) and decide they don’t want to pack, Mum runs around trying to remember everything for everyone, in a completely stress free manner of course! This sounds familiar right?!

This year we had the added drama of inclement weather. Easter in late April is always a dodgy one, particularly when you head south as we do, but a full storm front due to hit Good Friday….. not fair!

We delay leaving by a day (very smart move we hear, those that came had a rather rocky couple of nights). This allowed a full 24 hours extra to pack and get organised. What a luxury, no rushing about, completely well thought out and organised packing….. OR NOT! In the end, it is always the same, just fling it in and hope for the best.

Every year we forget something major or something happens, this year was no exception. It is sort of like a fun game to see what drama will unfold. It was apparent as soon as we got out of the car what this year’s was. A completely buckled and deflated wheel on the son’s prized bike! Mum freaks out, how on earth are we supposed to survive the camping ground with two kids and one bike? After all a bike is the single most important possession for any camping ground gang member.

Fortunately, our friends at lunch spot a bike shop across the road. Bike is checked in immediately for an overnight stay. Night one of bike wars starts.

Somehow though, the kids figure it out as the parents try not to watch the creative ways of dealing with more kids than bikes. There is bike trading, the good old Aussie dinky, running behind, riding mum’s bike, you name it we saw it. The local police pop in and lecture them all about helmets, we laugh as they follow the police car like the pied piper.

Now that the tent is up and the kids are off doing what kids should be doing, the parents breathe a sigh of relief and suddenly remember what this camping malarkey is about. Relaxing, reading, inventive camp food, wine, good friends and conversation. No screens, no work, no stress.

Then eventually the sun comes out……

It is too early to tell, but it is entirely possible this may happen again next year. I will keep you posted!


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