Home sweet home (after Augusta)

For the first time in 6 days I have clean feet, it feels amazing! Here I am with the third load of washing in the machine (I think I am almost half way through it) and I am taking a few moments to rest and reflect.

What an amazing week we have had. It started out looking bad and bad weather means wet tent, wet gear, grumpy Dad. It finished up sunshiny and smiles all around. There was adventure, friendship, relaxation, coffee, walks, cycling, boating and fishing.

I was hoping to write a bit more and keep you updated with blogs but internet was scarce and in the end a rest from technology was gladly accepted.

Here are the scores on the doors:

Husband/wife arguments: 1 (parking the boat, not one setting up or packing up camp – record, we must be getting good at this!!).

Children arguments: lost count but no worse than at home.

Minor injuries: Mum 1, Daughter 3, Dad 0, Son 1.

Broken bikes: 2

Ripped clothes: 2

Fish caught: 0

Books read: 0

Spills off the biscuit: many

Smiles: countless

Rekindled friendships: so many, I just love the camping ground friendships, some of the kids literally go a year without seeing each other and just pick up where they left off last year.

And the important bit you have all been waiting for…………….

Number of nights booked for 2020: 7!!!!

Yes that is right, after all the packing and unpacking, planning and fretting, even the husband agrees it was all worth it. The great Aussie camping trip really is something else!


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