Tonight I am just a little bit proud of myself and a few significant others around me. It is all centred around an amazing swimming event that I just love. I love it because of what it represents, which to me is home, challenge, adversity and triumph.

Today was my 9th. Each one so different, but each equally special. Today’s was special because I smashed my previous personal best time by a whopping 3 minutes, which I set back in my second year (2012).

I was quietly confident. I didn’t voice to anyone except my husband what I was aiming for (my protection mechanism). I had put in the work over the last few weeks, I felt strong and the weather looked good. But I surpassed even my own expectations and boy did it feel good! How nice is it to be pleasantly surprised?

I am also feeling super proud of my husband who improved his previous time significantly. He never started out a swimmer like me, but over the years has come to love the sport almost as much as I do. We are very lucky to be able to spend time together doing something we love.

My daughter challenged herself going completely outside her comfort zone and attempting a kids version of the swim. There were times she wanted to give up, but she broke through, changed her stroke and got to the finish line.

The kids I coach did amazing. I love the growth I see in them each year as they progress from team members, to duo swimmers to solo efforts. Most of all, I love their smiles at the end.

Always there are people that inspire, from the disabled competitors to those in their eighties. Each swimmer has their own story to tell as they race against themselves and conquer the jetty.

I know I can ride this feeling for days to come. Tonight I will sleep well and tomorrow I will start an awesome week.

Do what you love people.


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