Done and dusted

I feel like I have been on a roller coaster and then run a marathon. This week has been huge. Between our family members we have seen every emotion……. at least once. We have started high school, started new swim squads, started piano, started basketball and started new work hours. And after two months of holidays and well…… Fortnite, this was a massive feat!

But we did it. We survived the first week back to school!

There is no doubt in my mind though, I was the most stressed of the family members. There was so much to think about and my biggest fear was dropping a ball and my son suffering humiliation in his first week at high school. I barely slept and fell back into running through all the scenarios in my head, making sure I had a plan for any eventuality.

What if?

What if?

What if?

What if I calm down and go with the flow? Really what was the worst that could happen?

Well, my answer to that is the bathers scenario I dreamed up. After uniform fittings and buy and sell pages I somehow still managed to get the boy the wrong size bathers!! Mum fail. Imagine……. being the kid whose bathers split at swimming trials week one of high school! That would have been very very bad. It would have been very difficult to live down.

I can laugh about it now but on Thursday morning at 2am this seemed like a very real possibility. By 6am I had him out of bed, bathers on pretending to dive just to be sure there was a) no splitting and b) no bum crack visible!

You will be happy to know he made it through the day with no catastrophe and pretty happy with how he went. Phew! He wasn’t however overly comfortable so I do need to do something about the bathers situation before the main carnival in 2 weeks (if I want grandchildren!).

My new work hours are fabulous. Things have been running much smoother in the meal department and laundry department (just as well because keeping up with which uniform each child needs each day is almost a full time job!). I just need to calm down a bit at work and have confidence in myself and my kids. If I run late, they can get themselves home and get in. They WILL survive without me for 10 minutes!

So, as I sit outside on this balmy Friday evening with my glass of red in hand, I should pat myself on my back, instead of my natural instinct of replaying the week and analysing for where I could have done better. I did good. The boy did good. We all did good.


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