The best prawn ever!

It is funny how we don’t treat ourselves to the pleasures on our doorstep until we have visitors. This week we have family from the UK with us. Six days to enjoy the wineries, beaches, forests, and food, with wonderful company and in this amazing place we call home.

Yesterday, we started with a meal in a very nice winery. Perhaps ‘nice’ doesn’t quite cover it, it is the type to which some people might arrive via helicopter for a spot of lunch. Nestled away in the rolling hills, as you look out from the veranda you see rows and rows of lush green grape vines, in the distance parched hills of brown with black cattle grazing, enormous gum trees and the bluest of skies with just a few wisps of white cloud. With a glass of wine in hand it was heaven and very Australian.

Yet it got better. When the starters arrived I really truely was in heaven. I don’t often write about food but I really wanted to describe these prawns so that I can remember them forever.

There were three large tiger prawns arranged prettily on the plate (of course they were garnished and had a side of greens, the details of which seem completely insignificant, compared to them). They had their heads and tails on but the shell removed from their bodies. Perfectly done with minimal effort for the diner. They were seared in something salty and just slightly smoky, simple yet so tasty. They were light and buttery and simply melted in the mouth. Cooked to perfection.

I had to force myself to eat them slowly and enjoy every mouthful. I was mean. After years of sharing everything with my husband, he got the tiniest of morsels to taste. Yet he agreed with my summation…….. the best prawn I have ever eaten.

One mistake. I didn’t take a photo! But it is probably for the best as you would all be trying to lick your phones!!!

The rest of the meal was beautiful. All five of us agreed. The lamb shoulder that fell off the bone won my husband’s heart, the dessert of chocolate tart and mango sorbet my brother in law’s, the marron my sister in law’s and chicken liver parfait my mother in law’s.

But those prawns…..

The best part was, it was all a gift! My mother in law’s treat for the birthdays and Christmas. You can not beat an experience present, especially one like that. So thank you for a great experience and my best prawn ever!

Let’s see what day 2 of touring at home brings!


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