I feel angry and tired……

I know we are not meant to get hung up on change and the way that other people’s actions affect us. But…….man sometimes it is hard.

This blog was meant to be an honest account of how I am dealing with stress and how I am feeling. Well here it is….

I FEEL REALLY FRIGGING ANGRY (that feels a bit better getting it out there and being honest). Whether that is rational or not, that is how I feel.

Angry that I was doing really well on my quest to become less stressed and then someone else did something completely unexpected, completely out of my control, completely massive and it has set me back months (or more to the point I have let it set me back). I am back to feelings of confusion and insecurity.

But, I AM STRONG and this will not beat me.

I forget about all the obstacles I have overcome in the last 10 years. I have achieved so much on so many different levels. Often along the way I have put myself last and stupidly I thought that meant it was my turn for a quiet life. But……… LOL what is that? As we grow up we realise there is no ‘quiet life’. There is only a life of knowing how to keep the stresses and dramas at bay. But they are always still there, challenge after challenge after challenge.

This is just the next blip in the road. It may be a blip or it may be a crossroads, I have to decide. Part of me thinks I have been travelling this same road for quite some time now, it has taken me to some places I have never dreamed of and to some dark places. Maybe it is time for a new road, a new map??……..



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