Let those feelings out!

As I expected, just getting my feelings out there yesterday helped and consequently today, I don’t feel so angry.

It is a funny thing……………….. for me it is interesting to name a feeling exactly what it is, and to not just slap the label of ‘stress’ on it (until recently every negative feeling I had, I thought was ‘stress’). This had so many of the same hallmark feelings, tight chest, brain over working, insomnia……… but it was different and I am glad to have realised it was actually ‘anger’ because I needed to deal with it differently.

My message for today is…………….It is ok to feel how we feel. Too often people try to tell us we shouldn’t feel this way or that. But, actually identifying it and acknowledging it, allows us to explore it and work out exactly why we feel this way. Often through this process we realise the feeling is unfounded or irrational, but getting to that conclusion by yourself, in your own mind is really important.

There were a few different reactions to my admission yesterday. There were the concerned……………. ‘Are you ok? What happened?’ and then there was the ‘You know what, I am feeling that too!

I say this is great! If getting it out there made someone else know that it is ok to feel like this, then I had a good day. My mission is to stop avoiding the way I feel and to stop being ashamed of it. IT IS WHAT IT IS. I AM WHAT I AM.


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