The power of fire…

There is something about a fire on a chilly winters night. Especially when teamed with a glass of red and old episode of Friends (in my opinion the best TV series ever).

It is an amazing thing to watch…………….. the colours yellow, orange, red, brown all mixed and intermingling, forever changing and flowing. Mesmerizing with shapes, crevices, lumps, bumps, points and curves………. plus the lovely warmth it radiates. It brings feelings of safety and contentment.

It is also a great way to remind ourselves of our fire within. To remind us what keeps us going, what drives us to do what we do. Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of this in the daily struggle to be yourself and fit in all your responsibilities.

Sometimes all we need is a reset…… something else to focus on. A healthy break or a mental health break! This is a massively important concept on a daily basis. Too often we continue on without breaks, without time to think about what we are doing or what we have seen, instead we rush from one thing to the next, never really having the opportunity to engage in what we are doing. Five minutes or even two is enough, just to refocus and adjust.

I feel like I never get this opportunity. Nothing is ever enough…….

But…. the time is mine to find and yours too.

Seize some time, look at a fire or a picture, something to refocus. Every day, every hour at the very least. Take it back and use it. Because without it, the mind is clogged and unfocused.



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