Oh to be a cat….

Sometimes after a long hard day, I come home to find my cat in the same place she was when I left! Do they really stay there asleep all day? Do they ever get bored?

Imagine a life where…….. you can sleep as long as you want, someone else feeds you, if you make a mess, someone else cleans it up and people always talk nicely to you.  Plus, if you are super good at being a cat, you will have these really cute eyes that look up to people with big dilated pupils and immediately people start massaging you and talking sweet nothings in your ears! Then, out of the blue at any given random moment, you can decide it is play time….

I still don’t know how my cat manages it, but she really can sound like a horse on our wooden floor boards galloping about chasing a fly or a piece of fluff! The whole family watches in awe and amusement, then 5 minutes later the cat is back in her bed again. But she actually makes us stop, watch and be in the moment……

For Stressaholics, the cat (or any pet for that matter) does have the ability to help you release stress (so long as it is in the mood).  After a tough day, try taking the time to stroke your cat or pet. Listen for its purrs of contentment. Watch for its simple signs of affection. If you are lucky, they might even sit on your lap and snuggle in (not my cat, she is too aloof). No strings attached (ok maybe one – food), they just love you because you are you.

And if all else fails you can just model their behaviour and go back to bed!


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