Change…….. a scary monster?

Times of change can be very stressful and scary. We find ourselves focusing on the past as we enter new phases…. The what if’s? the maybes, the how could I have done better?

But, what if …….. we instead focus on the opportunities that change will bring? Focus on the positives, the hope, the new chances, the ability to wipe the slate clean.

If we look at it this way, then change signifies new beginnings, a chance to right some wrongs, to learn and grow. To move forward and often find opportunities we never knew existed.

Stressaholics need to learn to embrace change, to not resist but go with whatever the change brings. Just like many things in life, we often can not control the change, only the way we react to it.

The secret is to focus on what is ahead not on what is being left behind.


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