Do what you love!

I am having the most amazing time just simply learning to do what I love doing! Instead of telling myself I shouldn’t be too self indulgent or that I shouldn’t ‘waste’ time, I am actually allowing myself time to enjoy some of the things I love and guess what……. I haven’t reduced my productivity or run out of time to do things that need doing. No. In fact, just by being happy, satisfied and more relaxed, I am becoming more efficient at getting things done (and still to my high standard).

I am no longer spending time doing things I really don’t want to be doing (within reason, unfortunately some things just can not be avoided!!). In truth this is where I really was wasting time. My inability to say NO was sapping my time, energy and enthusiasm. That will not happen anymore.

Part of this new feeling is likely just me riding on the back of the most fantastic holiday ever. But, I just feel so renewed! Things seem clearer now. The trick over the next few weeks will be not sliding into the ‘post holiday blues’ and my old outlook . I honestly think if I keep living in the moment and focusing on feeding myself with the things I love doing, I will not only avoid the post holiday blues but find those other vital pieces to myself that I have carelessly misplaced.

Today, I set up a room at home for me only. My writing room. My space. My ideas. I started (lots to add yet!) to fill it with things that I find inspiring and that make me smile. I went to Kmart and bought one of those little light boxes with the letters. I put 3 words on it. It only occurred to me hours later, how important these 3 words are, or might be ……….

If I am completely honest, I wanted the first to say love, but the set only came with one V!


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