That is how I feel. Flat.

I don’t know why. I have so much to look forward to in the next few months, excitement should be mounting. We have the most awesome family holiday planned, one that I have dreamed about for years. But, I am flat. Grrrrr.

I think reality has set in. I am not superhuman. I am not perfect. I guess it will take some time to fully accept this and the fact that this is ok. Now, I need to work out a way to be the best version of me without putting unrealistic expectations on myself. I need to go back to that feeling of relief and elation I felt last week when I realised there is a better way to live, without the pressure.

I know my doubts over the last few days stem from a lack of sleep (caused by our precious cat!). That led to over thinking, a bad bad woman trait!!

This long weekend is about rest and resetting the negative thought patterns. Road tripping……..


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