It’s ok to not be perfect!!!

I actually feel kind of smug at the moment!! I feel like I have made the most important discovery in my life and I did it myself by writing down words. I have discovered that it is ok not to be perfect. It is ok to have flaws and it is ok to acknowledge them. It is a true revelation and a relief!! Suddenly, I feel like I am emerging from being under a dark cloud. A cloud of doubt and self sabotage.

Of course, many people have told me this fact over the years, my mother in particular, but I had to discover it for myself………… 40 (probably about 25 years after Mum told me – LOL, I am a bit slow!). See people, always listen to your mother…….

But, better late than never. I feel like I am free to be ME and to not feel like I have to cover up my imperfections. I can actually be happy with who I am and where I am going. I can try to be the best version of me, but I am not perfect, I am not going to be perfect and I no longer want to be perfect. I just love this quote I found:

‘Perfect people aren’t real, and real people aren’t perfect.’ (

No truer are these words and I finally understand them. Today, I am going to start to ‘get real’. I am going to be a real person.




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