Why is it that we make ourselves feel guilty? This is a common theme amongst women I know and are close to. We feel guilty for taking time to ourselves. Whether it is cooking, cleaning, playing with the kids or exercising, there always feels like there is something we should be ‘getting done’. For example, it is currently Saturday afternoon and I can not sit still, there is this restlessness inside me telling me sitting is wrong somehow.

Guilt for me is a big thing. It seems as well as my issue with the word ‘important’, I have an issue with ‘guilt’. I know that I am particularly masterful at making myself feel bad. Instead of looking at the things that I have achieved in any one day, I look at the things I didn’t get to. This is common in almost all my walks of life, but it isn’t right.  I should absolutely be looking at the things have I achieved each day.

I read articles, books and threads on Facebook that say we need time for ourselves, we need time to be still and reflect. We need time to just be us and do things we enjoy doing. But, how many Mums actually do that?  and of those that do, how do you quieten that voice in the back of your head reminding you of the chores and responsibilities awaiting your attention?

This is a pertinent discussion with Mother’s Day here in Australia tomorrow. A day where the family ‘gives back’ to the Mother to show appreciation for all the things she does and sacrifices for them. My kids and husband will give me some lovely gifts and a breakfast in bed (if I am super lucky) and we will spend a lovely morning with my Mum and my Mother-in-law.

However, this year I need to consciously give myself a gift. I need to tell myself, it is ok to sit back when I need to. It is ok to rest and listen to my body. It is actually not my family that needs to give me permission to rest, I need to give that to myself………….because a healthy and happy Mum is more valuable to a family than an overworked and stressed out one.


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