Falling into traps

Last night I almost fell into my old pattern. I knew this morning was going to be busy and my schedule looked border line too much. While watching TV, it started to creep into my mind. Would I stay on top of it? Would I get stressed? I started to get restless, I started to wonder if I should be letting myself stay up and watch TV, maybe I should go to sleep in preparation for tomorrow.

Instead of fighting with  myself and thinking about it from multiple sides and with multiple what ifs (like I usually would), I said to my husband ‘Should I be watching this, am I going to be too tired tomorrow?’ He said ‘It is still early, what are you talking about?’.

I love how simply he looked at it. Why was I evening thinking about the next day?

My brain has always thought, working through scenarios in my head allows me to plan and identify the things that might go wrong and work out a plan either to prevent it from happening or to solve the problem when it does go wrong . However, I am starting to see, working myself up the night before is not going to help me stay on top of things. It is of no benefit at all. In fact, it is most likely serving to subconsciously create problems.

So, I think I am making headway. After speaking up to my husband, I realised he was right. I continued to watch and enjoy the program I was watching on TV and put Monday morning out of my head. I finished the program and went to sleep. I didn’t toss and turn like normal wondering what tomorrow would bring, I went to sleep.

This morning, I identified something that was contributing to my stress on Monday mornings and I changed it!! Dropping my daughter at school means I have 10mins to get from school to work for my first patient. Although, not far away, the traffic is heavy and makes the journey unpredictable. Every week I arrive in a flap and uptight already. This morning I told my husband I can’t do it anymore and asked him to drop both kids off (they are at different schools). He said ok. I got everyone ready and went to work early.

What a difference. It made my husband’s life a little more difficult but he did it anyway. No one was late and no one started the day particularly stressed out. So that is two wins I have had this week already. Just as well I have my husband, he made them both happen! Good man isn’t he?

You know the saying… ‘Happy wife, happy life’



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