Satisfaction is short lived, or is it?

After achieving ‘maximum’ the other day, when I was able to devote my time entirely to one responsibility, I really felt satisfaction. I felt satisfied that I had done that one task to my absolute best. I was happy, my daughter was happy and my husband was happy (my son was his usual challenging self and wasn’t involved in the sports day, but essentially he was happy!!) But…… that day was not the real world, well at least it wasn’t my real world (of doing, doing, doing and then thinking, thinking, thinking).

The last 2 days I have returned to being mum, wife, employee, colleague, chef and washing lady. I was back to my usual crazy life where I barely have time to have a cup of tea or a sane thought to myself.

However, I am pleased to say, this time has been a little bit different. My usual pattern of falling back into craziness, striving for other people’s approval and craving to fit more in to feel ‘important’, hasn’t  happened. I think this is because, I was able to hold onto some of the satisfaction I felt on Wednesday. I was actually able to go into Thursday and Friday with the sense that I was important already and that I was doing well.


The power of positive thought is so strong, but so often we fall into the trap of pessimism and negativity, especially those of us with a tendency towards stress. I have really learnt a lesson this week. If we can immerse ourselves into the things that are really truly important and that we love (when we have the opportunity) then we can hold that positivity within us to help get through the tougher times.


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