I turned 40 ……..

So a few months ago I turned 40 and just like the cliche suggests, not long later I had a ‘midlife crisis’ (well at least that is what I am calling it). I lost the plot, I couldn’t go on, I couldn’t cope with work, with sporting commitments, with the kids, with cooking, with running a house. I GOT SICK. I GOT SICK IN THE HEAD!

But, I am kidding myself to think that this was just because I had turned 40. No, this had been coming for a long time. This was the perfect storm mostly by my own creation. It is a long story of how I did this to myself and how I really, really want to change my brain and the way I think (which is too much, too often, too negative, blah blah) .

I want to write and share this blog because I really want to change, before the same thing happens to my kids. I realised yesterday,  I ‘leak’ my stress and anxiety, my family feel it, absorb it and take it on. I want to change so that I don’t die young (I am now getting physical illnesses because of my mental illness) and I want to help other people who feel like me.

P.S Forgive me, while I work out how to use this blog thing!!

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