The perfect storm….

‘Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path’ (author unknown)

I do believe this is the case for me……… My ‘midlife crisis’ or the storm I created, is finally allowing me to see clearly. It is allowing me to see the patterns in my life I continue to follow, knowing in the back of my mind, they have never served me well. It is allowing me to see how those patterns influence the people around me and the people I hold dear.

Perhaps….. turning 40 has got something to do with this. My husband has always said, there is a certain age, where all of a sudden you are done with the crap and done with caring what others think. I have decided that age for me is 40 and the change starts now.

I am starting small.  ‘Rome wasn’t build in a day’  (who said that?) and my brain of tangled spaghetti will take time to unravel. I am starting with being kind to myself and finding things that feed my soul. But, as a scientific person I can’t just do all the touchy feely stuff. I also have to research, I need cold hard evidence of things that will help and of what is going wrong in my body.  Anyone who knows me, will know this is true.



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