Time to take a break

Now, I know what you will be thinking when you read that title………… but she just had a break! And you would be right because I did just have a break, an amazing fun and adventurous holiday.

It was real. There were real relationships, real activities and real fun. It wasn’t virtual and it was not online.

Since I have been back and reflecting, it has made me realise how much time I spend online and in front of a screen. More often than not, I am actually not doing anything other than mindlessly scrolling.

But, there is one thing I do find myself doing on Facebook that is so bad and so detrimental to all that I have been working towards. I find myself comparing. You know……… to what ‘they’ are doing, or what ‘they’ are wearing or where ‘they’ are.

Worse still……. if I post something, I wait…… for likes.

I admit it and I am sure many of us are thinking the same things. It is all a natural human response though …….. right??!!

Well…. I am done with it.

I should not care what Joe Blogs from school is doing, because I haven’t seen him in 20 years! Nor should I want Joe to know what I am doing.

I admit there are some great benefits to these social media platforms. For those of us with family in different countries or on the other side of the world, it is invaluable for keeping up with what family members are doing and how their kids are growing. For businesses and blogs it is a fantastic tool for getting our product out there.

However, on a personal level I just need a break, a purge to help me put things back in perspective. So, on the 1st of August it comes off my phone for a month.

I am hoping writing it here will keep me accountable and stop the temptation to put it back on. My blogs will still pop up because they are automatically set to post on the Stressaholics page but I won’t be on there doing it.

Instead, I am going to try and share with you how I chose to spend those extra few minutes in my day. Unplugged, screenless and real.

Today instead of going on Facebook I………


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