Back to it…

Don’t you just hate the end of a holiday? The day when you realise you have to return to the hum drum of home, work, school. It is one of the most deflating feelings in life.

For me, the only solace is making sure the next holiday is already booked so that I can redirect my focus. Shame I have to wait 6 months this time. For many, that might not seem long, but to me it feels like an eternity. Yes, I am lucky…….. but then again that is why I work hard – for the holidays!

I love traveling to new places and exploring the unknown. Sometimes you come across somewhere you just know you were meant to visit. With my love for the water and sea creatures, Exmouth was always going be be one of those special places. Ningaloo reef did not disappointed. From the amazing corals, to the vibrant fish, turtles, rays, whale sharks and humpbacks, it felt like another home to me.

But, here I am back to reality and saving for the next one.

Someone who has been super pleased to see us home, is the cat. In fact, more so than ever before. I think she might actually be entering middle age and mellowing out a bit because usually when we get home she is quite stand offish and snobby (those with cats will know exactly what I mean).

But, not this time, it seems a few little habits are beginning to change. For example, she has never really been interested in me (other than for feeding purposes!). The first three nights back and she has slept at my feet and stayed there all night! She has tolerated more of my patting and even been willing to play with me! One day soon I am hoping she might even sit on my lap (but that might be a step too far)!

She seems rather happy to have the fire on again too!

So, as I try and settle back into the normal routine, I am going to be mindful of the phenomenon I see all around me at the moment, the ‘busy’ craze. Somehow, we (I think particularly mothers) have rated ‘busy’ as a good thing. If you are ‘busy’ you are worthy and doing well, achieving lots. In reality, we are just driving ourselves into the ground trying to be everything to everyone.

It is time to slow down a little bit, enjoy life, enjoy the warmth of the fire and the comfort of my bed (yes, just like my cat). Allowing myself time to just be and not rush…….because if I carry on like I have been, the next 6 months will be exhausting! There is no point going on my next adventure wiped out is there?!


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