Epic road tripping in Western Australia

After 3 days and some 16 hours of driving, we are almost at our winter getaway destination. That is road tripping Aussie style!

In the lead up to this trip, there has been a fair amount of thought about how we would cope in the car, where we would stop and who would sit where. I am pleased to report, it has been nothing but pleasurable, at least in this car anyway (hopefully it wasn’t too bad in my friend’s car who was amazing enough to take one child off our hands!).

Along the way, our worries and stresses have gradually left us with each passing car and kilometre. The journey itself acting almost as a cleansing. We arrive stripped back to basics and completely ready to relax.

Each of us has been surprised by the beauty as the landscape changes over and over again. The colours are something to behold. The bright red dust, the magic blue of the sky as it melts into to Indian Ocean and the surprising amount of green, thanks to a storm that passed through a few weeks ago. Without changing hemispheres, we have gone from the grey heart of winter to the vibrant colours of summer.

For our Canadian daughter, this is a completely new experience and hopefully one she will cherish. In her words, ‘I feel like this is true Australia now’. I can not wait to get her in the water with a snorkel. Here, she will encounter not just another country, but a whole new world.

If anyone out there has any doubt about whether to try an adventure like this, please don’t. We haven’t even arrived and I can tell you now, it is worth it. Even my husband, the most reluctant of us, is completely sold.

As a family that regularly travels overseas, it is wonderful to be seeing some more of our home state. Western Australia offers so much, from its stunning untouched coastline to culture and countless hidden nooks. Here is one we found yesterday…

We may never leave again!

Get out there people, there no better stress reliever!

And look at that….. we are here!


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