Aspiring to be my cat

Yesterday I was talking about how I set super human targets for myself. Expecting all sorts of crazy things that most would not or could not achieve. The solution to my problems has been right in front of me all along………….. Instead of trying to be super woman, I should have been aspiring to be my cat!

I have just finished reading ‘How to live like your cat’ by Stephane Garner and it makes total sense!

There are a few things we all know to be true about cats. They do not care what anyone else thinks of them. They do not do anything unless they want to. They do not try to be a lion just because they are related to them.

What they do know is how to have fun, how to relax, how to sit and listen, how to comfort those in distress, how to show empathy, how to sleep soundly, how to be themselves ALWAYS. Never, ever pretending to be something they aren’t.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to live like that?!!

The best mentor has been right there in my house for the last 4 years! And prior to that I grew up with one.

Sometimes they are crazy and weird and funny but that just makes them more interesting!

I have recently been obsessed with watching videos of the weird things cats get up to. They make me laugh so much (even when I am feeling stressed and too serious). The best part is, they really don’t care what we think of them, they just do their thing and live life the way they want to.

Something else I read in this book, that I thought was really interesting, was how cats show little outward signs of ageing. They don’t get wrinkly or grey and mostly keep their lush fur. This must be a sign of little stress and a life of contentment.

In contrast I spent some extortionate amount of money today trying to hide the effects years of stress are having on my hair and body! I should have just been chilling…..

Not a grey hair in sight.


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