I have been researching words. I want to find a word that describes that thing that sometimes occurs……….. where everything happens at once. Good and bad all jumbled on top of one another, some mere coincidences, some knocks-ons and some just completely unrelated happenings.

I came up with a few; happenstance, synchronicity, perpendicularly, conversion. Then there was this one word, that to my mind describes this week perfectly. I am trying not to be a pessimist but it just hits the nail on the head. Yes…….. it is negative, and yes I am supposed to think positive……. but there is no getting away from it……


Absolute chaos and it is so overwhelming.

How to deal with it?

My sensible brain is telling me….. you need to go to the gym or for a swim. Exercise has always been my best medicine. Yet, that other voice (the one I talked about the other day) is saying: but you can’t, you don’t have time. You have cupcakes to bake, presents to wrap, washing to do, dinner to cook. Then, ashamedly there is a third part of my brain still lagging behind at work, stuck thinking about how to resolve the issues that occurred today.

Wow, that is three separate things my brain is trying to deal with…… fix today, get everything done, go to gym. No wonder I am overwhelmed. That is a lot of pressure. Sounds like internal chaos to me!

So, this is what I am going to do…. and I will do it while I am writing (it’s 6.15pm)…. I am going to take a few deep breathes. Then,  I am going to allow myself a final two minutes to think about work, before shutting that part down.

Ok gone.

Next, I am heading out the door to say hello to our possum friend you might remember we discovered last week. He has now been nicknamed Pom Pom. My daughter and I have tracked his daily routine; at around 5pm he climbs down a tree in our front yard, then walks down the driveway (in that awkward kind of way a tree dwelling creature does) through the carport and out the back to the hibiscus tree. Here, he proceeds to eat one if not two flowers (this process can take up to an hour) before climbing the tree and leapfrogging across to the peppermint tree behind it. From here we assume he is off for his nightly adventures (whatever they are) before sometime in the early hours heading back to his tree out the front, to sleep away most of the day.

As usual this evening he wasn’t bothered by me and eyed me up as I said hello. He doesn’t realise at this point how helpful he is. Already I am feeling better, as my mind wanders and starts to ponder the simplicity of Pom Pom’s life. It starts me thinking about how complex ours is, but mostly by our own doing.

Why do we make things hard for ourselves, taking on too much with too little time? That’s when I decide (6.30pm); tonight’s dinner is simple all the way. I need to make things easier for myself, there is just too much going on for culinary mastery. I fire something from the freezer into the oven that is probably got not much nutritional value at all (ok I admit it, it was pies). There are zero complaints from the kids (for once!).

I complete a couple of sets of my physio exercises on my fit ball (6.50pm) which improves my mood. Then I get onto the cupcakes and wrapping presents (7.20-8.20pm). Then kids to bed.

All done. I survived. It is 9.30pm and I am now going to sit down for the first time since 5.30am. Dam I need a cup of tea and I need my head read, why do I do it all??!!!

LLS (not! ………. should go back to SAA).



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