‘Stressaholics’ always let that seed of doubt creep in. That little voice at the back of your head that asks ‘Are you really sure?’ to everything you do. One of my friends even has a name for her voice!

Some days it yells louder at you than others. Some days you pay attention to it more than others. Some days it just seems relentless.

Do non-stressy people even have this voice? Well, I am pretty sure they do, they just know how much notice to take of it! I guess it is what we call our conscience. Mine seems to often be out of control. I have lived so long listening to it and doubting myself that it’s volume almost feels normal! But, it really is too loud.

Of course, there are advantages to this voice. It pushes you to always do your best, to question methods and improve. But some days I wish it would just shut up and today was one of them!

Distraction and perspective are the key. Luckily, when I got home from work today there was a welcome distraction from my voice! Check out this little guy….

So cute. Pretty sure he isn’t having any doubts about eating my flowers! Good on him, just going about his business and doing what he has to to survive.

Does he have a voice inside his head? If so, it certainly wasn’t warning him of danger because we could get as close to him as we wanted. So chilled out and at ease with my daughter and I. I guess I am harmless after all!


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