Being a kid

Today was all about being a kid……… for the whole family. We are in the city for a couple of nights and after watching our favourite soccer team (or should I call it football?) win last night, today was about fun. There has been bouncing, bowling, shopping and swimming.

It struck me part way through the day how nice it was to be ‘playing’ and just completely enjoying ourselves. It made me realise how little we do it. I am mainly referring to my husband and I, but not entirely. The kids of course ‘play’ more frequently than us, but in reality I don’t even think they do it often enough these days.

Instead we are ‘too busy’.

Doing what and why?!!!

Over dinner tonight, which incidentally was also fun (sushi trains always are!), all four of us discussed how we should have days like this more often. Even if we have to schedule them in.

For me the highlight was playing a game my sister and I literally spent half our summer holidays doing. Marco Polo. We had the hotel pool to ourselves, there was shouting, splashing, laughing and giggling. Simple, good old fashion fun.

Something else that reminded me of my childhood today is the state of my kid’s hair. Sun bleached, dry and chlorine affected. It made me smile. Summer holidays in Western Australia should end with ruined hair!


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