Silly me

Just a follow up to yesterday’s crazy woman blog……

I had a good day today and am feeling much better, all because I went easy on myself, I exercised and I took time out for me.

It was all about expectations. The expectations I had placed on myself yesterday were unrealistic and hard. In the light of day today, I was able to see that. I think women in particular expect too much of themselves, perhaps because we have so many roles and some days one role is in direct conflict with another role.

Of course men also have many roles as worker, father, dad, brother, son, team member, but for some reason they are better at separating them out and not letting one affect the other. I am sure they often look at us women and wonder why we bother trying to be more than one role at a time. This thing about women being multitaskers perhaps is not something to be proud of. Perhaps the one thing at a time, more male philosophy is the healthier way to be.

Speaking of expectations……… look at this picture. There is definitely some expectation…

Expectation of the coming scratch and show of affection. Does this not say love me?!!

Again I am reminded of how I want to be a cat. Sleep, eat, play, love. One thing at a time!


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