It’s a new year! Welcome 2019

2019 has arrived and with it………… the start of ‘A life less stressed’ blog. The focus will be taken off  ‘Stressaholic’ (although I cannot change my website wording, so it will always be a little reminder of how far I have come), because that is not who I want to be anymore, I left her in 2018!

This year instead of the usual new years resolutions, I am simply going to continue working on myself the way in which I began in 2018. Listening to myself, feeding my sole with things I love and accepting my flaws without judgement.

I just know this year is going to be amazing. There will be new possibilities, opportunities and optimism. There will also be hardships, disappointments and hurt, but this year instead of letting them define me and drag me down, I will stand up and ride over them like waves in the sea.

So, just like this bud…..this year’s potential is immense and promising.

Welcome to a beautiful 2019.

LLS (Life Less Stressed)

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