December Challenge Day 23

Complete and utter contentment. It is the evening of the eve of Christmas Eve. Here I am sitting on the veranda, glass of wine in hand, keyboard, lovely balmy temperature and a soft flowing breeze.

Quite unexpectedly I have a moment of solitude and peace. In what has been the usual crazy busy build up the Christmas, this is truly a welcome break. The boys are off helping a friend. My daughter is at the movies with her friend.

  1. Something I learnt today: Helping thy neighbour truly is rewarding. We have a large contingent of animals in our care for the next few days. The kids are being paid for the care and our lovely neighbour gave me the money in front of the kids with strict instructions that if they do not help, mum is to spend the money on wine!! Very cleaver lady. Of course they are quite taken by the animals and pledge to do a good job. They spent 30 mins playing with the dogs, getting to know them this morning. Actually I am quite smug because either way it is a win win for me!! I also took a different neighbour some baking today, apparently it was just in time as she was wondering what to have with her cup of tea. Made my day. Such simple things.
  2. Something I am grateful for: A small snippet of peace and solitude.
  3. Something I want to improve: I have a terrible confession to make…………. and I promise to make it right tomorrow, somehow. I keep looking at the bins in the supermarket and various other places, collecting items for people less fortunate at Christmas. Every time I walk past I think ‘ Dam’ there isn’t anything in my trolley I can spare today (quite wrongly I am sure!). Consequently, I haven’t donated a thing. So tomorrow, somewhere, somehow I will donate something to someone less privileged at Christmas.


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