December Challenge Day 22

Hot hot hot!

1. Something I learnt today: Homemade shortbread isn’t meant to be perfect in appearance. Every year I make shortbread for Christmas. Every year I do it differently. Every year I am disappointed with how it looks (not how it tastes). I realised today, it isn’t meant to look perfect and if it is perfect rectangles I want, I should buy a packet! Imperfections mean handmade with love.

2. Something I am grateful for: Great friends. I had an awesome day today because I saw several of my friends. Some intentionally for significant periods, some unintentionally for a few minutes but just seeing them felt important. Too often during the year, we get caught up in work, kids, sport etc and go weeks without seeing anyone. I love at this time of the year we are all trying to catch up and are generally out and about enjoying ourselves. We all deserve it!

3. Something I want to improve: My blog name! Agghhhh it is only 10 days until I change my blog name and hopefully the vision I have of myself. A Stressaholic no longer.


I still don’t know what I am changing it to. Or even how to change it!! Time to get my thinking cap on.


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