December Challenge Day 24

So……… I didn’t fulfil my mission today. I do not however feel like a failure! I may not have donated anything to anyone less fortunate than myself, but I did try. My mum always taught me that ‘it is thought that counts’.

After my early morning swim, the first thing I did was call the centre providing Christmas lunch for those in need. I asked what they needed and if I could donate anything in particular. Unfortunately this was via voice mail and after several attempts I couldn’t get to speak to anyone. I did receive a call at 5pm today thanking me for my kind offer of assistance and informing me that they had all that they needed and wishing me a Merry Christmas and God Bless.

1. (Something I learnt today) Again this was a reminder of how truely amazing the community is, in which I live. I was genuinely surprised to learn over 200 people had registered for the free Christmas meal provided by the United churches for those struggling and even more pleasantly surprised to learn our community had provided for them easily, and without need for last minute donations.

2. (Something I am grateful for) This has made me truly grateful and privileged to live here.

3. (Something I want to improve) Next year my good thoughts will be put into action and I really hope my children can learn, that being kind and compassionate to others truly is worth its time and effort.

I had a wonderful day today catching up with friends I haven’t seen for too long. If nothing else, I love the way Christmas reminds us to check in with loved ones and friends. It truly is the most special time of the year.

Merry Christmas everyone. Stay safe and enjoy all those special people in your life.


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