December Challenge Day 21

Wow, today went by in a blur. Christmas preparations are in full swing. I finally got around to starting the baking and sweet treats. In amongst that, I was researching and booking a holiday. So exciting!!! I love having something to look forward to.

1. Something I learnt today: Western Australia is huge! Of course I always knew this, but when you sit down and start to plan a road trip, it really brings home quite how vast it is!

2. Something I am grateful for: My kitchen helpers. Got things done twice as fast with them mixing and biscuit crushing. I think there might have a fair bit of taste testing happening behind my back though!

3. Something I want to improve: My food planning. I could benefit a lot by being more organised when it comes to meals. I go through phases of meal planning and then get bored or side tracked and let it slip. It really does make life easier though both from a shopping and preparation perspective. Even today I had to run out to the shops twice due to poor organisation!! Didn’t matter this time though, I was just happy to be spending time on food for my family and friends to enjoy.


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