The wait is over….

The sun is shining and the carnival of the year is here! There is nothing quite as uplifting as watching a team of passionate kids get in there and play their favourite game. Playing hard and playing with heart.

The raw emotions are something else, not only from the players and coaches but the parents, family members and friends who support on the sidelines.

There are highs and there are lows. With each roller coaster ride, we only hope it teaches them resilience and makes them stronger people. We can’t help but worry if things don’t pan out as hoped. What if they can’t cope? What if the emotions get the better of them?

But……. I don’t think you can beat the lessons they learn. About themselves. About life. About diversity. About sportsmanship and team. About respect.

As long as the games are played with pride and respect you can’t go wrong. And today they most definitely were.

Go kids, we are super proud. That was proper soccer!


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