Waiting waiting waiting…

Sometimes in life, it just feels like we are waiting. Waiting for the tough time to be over, or waiting for the new job to come up or waiting for something good or exciting to happen. Often we are so engrossed by whatever we are waiting on, we completely forget to live.

I have felt this way lately. I have been waiting for the sun to shine. It feels like it has been the longest winter ever. The grey cold skies have done something to my mood, which has in turn made me feel things are just not right at the moment……… I feel like I am waiting for things to get better.

It is a hard thing to break, the thought that something better is coming. But…. it can be so detrimental to our mental health to think this way, because often it doesn’t get better or easier. Sometimes that thing that we were waiting on, comes and goes without much excitement at all and we are left with feelings of disappointment and worse still… failure.

We all (absolutely me included) need to learn to focus on the today. The here and now and the positives right here in front of us. The sun might not be shining, but the cloud out there the shape of an elephant is pretty cool, the flowers in the garden that are sprouting despite the greyness are amazing and it is great to know I am getting my monies worth out of the vest I bought this year!

Sometimes we really need to force ourselves to look for the positives. We have to stop waiting and look for things that are happening now. Who knows…… tomorrow might be better but today is pretty good too!!

Incidentally I was up at the crack of dawn coaching this morning and I did indeed see the sun, shining right in my eyes over the clear water of the pool, it was like seeing a long-lost friend!! She is hiding again now but I am happy I got to see her today!


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