It has been a tough week. It is Sunday afternoon and I am still feeling the effects. Yes…….. even though I said on Friday night I was going to put my ‘big girl’ knickers on and put it behind me. So, why can’t I?

Well, I think I have realised why. It is all tied up with the word SATISFACTION. I am not satisfied with my week. I am not satisfied with my performance in particular. I am my worst critic. I replay the things that went wrong and think about how I could better have handled them, but that is not helping me at all. That is living in the past and not living in the moment.

I think what I need to do, is something that will give me some form of satisfaction. To feel that I can achieve something to my standards. One might think that is just putting more pressure on myself to perform well. But I guess it depends on what I set out to do. I doesn’t have to be a big thing, or a difficult thing. Just something I can do well and feel good about. Perhaps it is writing this blog, or cooking a nice dinner for my family.

Then, once it is done and I am satisfied, I will bathe in it. Enjoy my satisfaction and use it to carry me through, focus on the satisfaction and not the dissatisfaction of the week. Focus on the positive. For some reason ‘Stressaholics’ naturally focus on the negative. It is a hard pattern to crack but I am working on it and so can you.


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