I let myself down….

So this week I have let myself down. Things haven’t quite gone according to plan and instead of dealing with it in a non emotional, non stressed way……. I let it get to me and worse still……… I let it drag me down. This was the overriding thought going through my mind ………..  Why is the world is against me?

What a silly, negative, non productive and backwards thought that is!

My only saving grace before heading into the weekend is that I know myself well enough to know, there are a few things that are capable of dragging me out of a funk like this.

Exercise, Wine and Chocolate. (Notice I am not completely unhealthy)

So, I have been to the gym (and have the blisters to prove it, the rowing machine copped it tonight), I have a glass of red in front of me and there is chocolate in the fridge. I am home with my beautiful family around me.

Onwards and upwards. It is time to put on my big girls knickers and put it all behind me. Tomorrow is a new day.

I don’t know how many times I will have to tell myself this before it sinks in. Stress is not in the things that happen, but in the way we react to the things that happen!! I know…………………………. I should be kind to myself!!





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