Day 3: Liberty and Tragedy – NYC

Today, our last in New York, was about grand sculptures of symbolism.

We started with the Statue of Liberty. She stands for so much that I as an Australian take for granted. She represents freedom, hope, truth, justice and enlightenment.

She is a beautiful collaborative effort between France and America. Her crown represents the sun’s rays of enlightenment, her torch and flame justice, the broken shackles at her feet escape and the tablet of law in her left hand is inscribed with the date of American Independence.

She really is beautiful.

Something else that was beautiful today was the sky around her!! Check it out.

From her, we went to possibly the most grand and heartbreaking symbol of tragedy in modern times…….Ground zero or the site of 9/11. The two ‘reflecting pools’ perfectly symbolise an immense sense of loss. Water cascades down the vertical walls of the tower’s footprints and into the void. Even my 8 year old daughter could recognise the power in the emotion it portrays.

I shed a tear or two behind my sunnies.

So, two very very different symbols almost in contradiction to one another and in such close proximity. The word irony springs to mind.

We completed the day with Ripley’s Believe it or not……… one for the kids (and adults alike).

It is time to move on to our next destination tomorrow. The kids have done super well in the big smoke, but they are country bumpkins really, so our 3 and 1/2 days here has been enough for them and we have been lucky to squeeze in all the things I was desperate to see.

Today no stress only hope then sadness and ………… right now fatigue.


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