Day 2: Contrasts – Central Park NYC

Trees and skyscrapers. Horses and squirrels. Elderly and children. Concrete and Grass.

Today, we rode bikes around Central Park. Again, I realised I know nothing. Firstly, there were hills, I imagined it flat. Secondly, it was hot (33 degrees and humid) not balmy warm. Thirdly, it was huge just like all things in America!!

We were part of a cycling tour………..The guides are amazing with their knowledge of history.

The fellow cyclists were amazing with their entertaining antics (I witnessed the most spectacular illustration of why you do not ride a bike and take photos, particularly in a park full of joggers, bikes, horses, cars and dogs. That is right people, you will come unstuck. The very fit looking German man went straight over his handle bars in such a dramatic fashion, his blonde girlfriend still posing for the photo. In my mind I thanked him for the wonderful demonstration for my son, who was having trouble listening in his efforts to show off and have fun……… in a park with so many distractions).

The secret wildlife was amazing if you were looking for the details, as I was. As promised, I took notice of ‘that bird’ in Central Park. It turned out to be 3 bathing in a puddle, attempting to escape the oppressive heat.

After the tour, we went to the top of the Rockefeller centre to appreciate the park from height. Amazing. Contrast.

So there you go. Pretty impressive. Looking at this photo, it is kind of hard to imagine the little details, but we saw them.

In case you were wondering………. we made the Yankees game. We ended up with no seats but enjoyed wandering around the stadium and soaking up the atmosphere and trust me, atmosphere there was!!!

As for the tickets in the electronic black hole………… who cares!

Tiny secret. I did have a stress attack today………..Over my backpack. It keeps eating things. Why can I never find what I need?? Now I am laughing at myself!!


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