So I am addicted to feeling important?

Why do I feel like I need to be important? and in whose eyes do I need to be important?

It has up until now, been a case of wanting other people to think I am important, but not the people I should be worrying about. I want to impress my colleagues, other school mum’s, other sporting parents and the worst critic of all, ME. When I write that down, it feels really silly. WHY AM I STRIVING TO IMPRESS THESE PEOPLE? AND WHY AM I NOT HAPPY WITH MYSELF?

I often forget about the most important people; my family and friends. I guess if I look at myself from their point of view, I am important already, and really that should be what matters most.

My kids think I am important not because of all my achievements, but because I am their mum. I am here for them, I make sure they have what they need when they need it and I love them. From my husband’s point of view, I must be important or he wouldn’t have married me and stayed married to me for 13 years, even after our ups and downs. My parents, well they are proud of me whatever I do and to be completely honest are likely sick of me rattling of yet another achievement, they would rather I was happy with myself.

I have wonderful friends and a sister who listen to my rubbish and raving on about often trivial appearing things, when many times, they themselves have been going through unimaginable pain and suffering.  They still think I am important!

So, why don’t I??!!  Now I can see……. often my need to impress unimportant people and myself, is sometimes letting the important people down. The message here is, I should love myself and know that I am important already and that I shouldn’t care so much what ‘unimportant’ people think!


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