Le Marais – Paris, France

We are at the stage of our travels where fatigue is starting to set in. The 13,000 steps per day is taking it’s toll. My head is so full of potential blog material but each night when I try, I am too tired to write (I have many partially written posts). But, tonight I had to write this quick post before I forget the details.

We have discovered an area of Paris that I had previously not visited, Le Marais. Today is Sunday, and as we passed through this area I couldn’t help but notice a difference to yesterday.

Today, the local Parisians had joined the throngs of tourists and were out enjoying the dry, crisp winters day. In every park or square there were families with balls or games, the shops were full and the cafes bursting with couples and families chatting and drinking.

La Marais

As we walked shoulder to shoulder down one tiny street, two women dressed in jeans, scarfs and jackets (just like everyone else) sung beautiful opera to passers-by. I was dive-bombed by a pigeon and almost tripped over a fluffy white dog invisible in the crowd. In this moment, I realised this was a snippet of true Paris.

This city is not just about picture perfect tourist sights. It is about people and their social connections. The Parisians are busy, passionate people who seem to love their food, their people and ……. Pomeranians! As for the pigeons…. they are everywhere and completely insane.

I will catch up on my blogs at some point. It may well be once I am home or as the rest of the family hit the ski slopes next week. I need to take some time to tell you about all we have seen and eaten! Rest assured it has been incredible!

A sneak peak at the amazing food of Le Marais


One thought on “Le Marais – Paris, France

  • Great Post
    a travel enthusiast, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article. The author’s description of their fatigue and struggle to write despite having so much potential blog material is relatable and adds a human touch to their travels. It was refreshing to read about their discovery of Le Marais, an area of Paris that they had not previously visited, and the vibrant atmosphere they experienced there. The author’s attention to detail while describing the families playing games in parks, the shops being full, and the cafes bursting with people chatting and drinking, made me feel like I was right there alongside them. This article truly captures the essence of travel and the joy of discovering new places.
    Thanks – TheDogGod – http://pomeranianpuppies.lovestoblog.com

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